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  • What would you dream if you knew that any dream you could ever dream would come true?
  • What great achievements would you aspire to if you truly believed in YOU?
  • What would your life look like if you could expand into the kind of person who had the courage to attempt anything you have ever wanted to do?
Your intelligent heart’s wisdom already knows the answers and is just waiting in the wings for you to decide you’re ready to make your dreams come true. This is what Heart Intelligence Coaching is all about — learning how to tune-in to our heart’s intuitive guidance system in order to experience greater levels of performance, creativity, intuition, connection and feeling. It is a divine alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Are you my Ideal Coaching Client?

  You are a successful, powerful professional, man or women, who knows you are here to make a difference but, in spite of all of your successes, you still have a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that there is an elusive “something more” that you are meant to do? As Morpheus tells Neo in the movie, The Matrix, “You don’t know what it is, but its there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.” And the thought of getting to the end of your life knowing that you never even came close to living your highest potential, that there was so much more you could have accomplished, is more terrifying to you than the thought of “What if I step out to follow my dream…. And I fail?” If you read the “about” section of this website, you have probably already figured out that I fit the description of my own “ideal client.” My life was comfortable, I was successful and I was good at what I did. And so I tried to ignore that little voice that kept asking “Why am I here? Why do I feel incomplete? What did I come here to do?” How reassuring it would have been to have had someone to talk to who understood. Someone wise and experienced who could walk me through the mine field of indecision, confusion and self-doubt. Instead I somehow managed to muddle through, wasting so much valuable time that I can never replace, trying to figure it all out on my own. Today, I AM the coach that I wished I had had back then.   If you know in your heart that I am talking to you – perhaps you are unsatisfied in your career, or stagnant and bored, but you are not sure what your passions are or how to make the change — consider the possibility of coaching with me to explore ways to create a life beyond your wildest dreams as you make your impact on the world. Kathy E looking upKATHY ECKHARDT The Live Your Dream Coach
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